Saturday, February 4, 2012

Soapmaking Saturday

Lemon Sugar Bar

50 % Olive Oil
20% Coconut  Oil
14% Shea Butter 
8% Castor Oil 
8% Cocoa Butter

Annatto Seeds infused in Olive Oil for Color
Lemon Sugar FO from Camden Grey
sugar sprinkled on top

This bar took a while to harden and was a little oily when pulled out 
of the mold.  This is the first time that has happened. 
It was also the first time I used my silicon mold
from Bramble Berry
and my first time using this fragrance oil.

I split the batch in two after adding the fragrance and then
added the annatto infused olive oil to 1 portion
Then I did a spoon to swirl to get this color effect
alternating between natural color and annatto colored soap

I put it in a 170 degree oven turned it off and let it set over night
I had to wait until after the next night to cut it.

Here are some photos during my process.  I will get some better photos up 
a little later.  These were late night very low light soaping pix.

The Annatto seeds infusing in the olive oil, I used a mini crock pot

Straining my seeds :)

 sprinkled with sugar ready to go in the oven

 fresh out of the mold

Freshly cut first bar

Waiting to cure

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