Saturday, February 11, 2012

Soap Making Saturday - Gradient Salt Bar

Gradient dyed Salt Bar scented with Sea Fresh and Coconut and a batch of my basic recipe unscented.

On the left is my basic bar unscented.  It is a little sticky when un-molded.   But it creates wonderful creamy lather and even though it is unscented smells very sweet and yummy.  A+

On the right is my poor salt bar.  I was soaping late at night, I knew I had to cut this within a few hours.  I waited two hours, still to soft to un-mold.  I fell asleep and woke up to a crumbling mess.  I managed to get a couple bars cut.  I will try this again...

It was also supposed to be a gradient blue/green color using spirulina and woad powder.  that didn't work either.  The dark line is cocoa powder.  I also do not like the scent.  I found I am not a fan of fragrance oils, major headache, as in they stink!   I'll try to stick to EO's or unscented bars from now on.  Oh well it happens!  Can't wait to try again.

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